Synopsis: Ion Suppresses Rydberg Creation

November eight, 2018

Forming an ion in an ultracold atomic cloud delays the following creation of a Rydberg atom till the ion wanders away.

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C. Brandes/College of Stuttgart

Rydberg atoms are giants. In these atoms, at the very least one electron is happy to a very-high-energy orbital, inflating the atom to hundreds of occasions its regular dimension. Rydberg atoms are additionally usually loners, forming solely at massive distances from different Rydberg atoms. Now, Florian Meinert and colleagues from the College of Stuttgart in Germany have proven that Rydberg atoms are additionally shy round ions, whose presence inhibits their creation. The workforce envisions leveraging Rydberg atom suppression to observe the trail of an ion because it strikes by way of an ultracold atomic system, equivalent to a Bose-Einstein condensate.

Of their experiment, the workforce created a single rubidium ion by firing a collection of laser pulses at a cloud of ultracold rubidium atoms. They then guided the ion away from its start line utilizing an electrical area. Subsequent, the workforce hit the spot the place the ion was created with an extra pulse. Their aim was to create a Rydberg atom close to the ion’s birthplace. After they waited lower than 12 𝜇s between ion creation and the following laser pulse, the try failed. At longer wait occasions, the chances of producing a Rydberg atom elevated, reaching about 30% (the identical likelihood of Rydberg atom creation as when ions are absent) after 20 𝜇s.

The workforce says that the success charge of Rydberg atom era in an ultracold atom cloud may very well be used to trace ion movement. When an ion is close to an space zapped with a laser, no Rydberg atom ought to seem. But when the ion has wandered away, Rydberg atoms ought to begin to materialize.

This analysis is revealed in Bodily Evaluate Letters.

–Christopher Crockett

Christopher Crockett is a contract author based mostly in Arlington, Virginia.

Commentary of Rydberg Blockade Induced by a Single Ion

F. Engel, T. Dieterle, T. Schmid, C. Tomschitz, C. Veit, N. Zuber, R. Löw, T. Pfau, and F. Meinert

Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 193401 (2018)

Printed November eight, 2018


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