Synopsis: Liquid Jet Coils Round Cylinder

Could eight, 2019

A water stream can stick with a cylinder, flowing round its floor in a helix-like sample.

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E. Jambon-Puillet et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. (2019)

Pour sizzling tea too slowly from a teapot and the liquid dribbles down the pot’s spout and onto the desk. Now, Etienne Jambon-Puillet from the College of Amsterdam and colleagues present that water jets can even hint extra advanced paths as they cling to curved surfaces and fall to the bottom. The demonstration transforms the on a regular basis annoyance of the “teapot impact” right into a enjoyable phenomenon, but it surely additionally has a severe facet. The group says that figuring out when a fluid jet will stick with spout-shaped surfaces might assist cut back this usually undesirable impact each within the house and in technological functions, reminiscent of 3D printing.

Of their experiments, Jambon-Puillet and colleagues directed a water jet at an angle of 30° in the direction of one fringe of a vertical glass cylinder with a diameter of three mm. At excessive stream charges—over 1 ml/s—the cylinder had little influence on the jet’s straight path. Because the group lowered the stream charge, they seen that the jet began to deflect across the cylinder. Lowering the stream charge additional, to round zero.5 ml/s, they discovered that the deflection turned to coiling, with the jet instantly “clinging” to the cylinder and spiraling round its wall in a helix-like sample.

The group repeated the experiments utilizing a cylinder product of Teflon. Additionally they diversified the cylinder’s diameter and different experimental parameters. In all circumstances, they noticed the identical habits. The group then developed a mannequin that efficiently predicts the edge stream situations for this jet coiling, a instrument that might enable teapot and printer makers alike to design units that keep away from this impact.

This analysis is printed in Bodily Overview Letters.

–Katherine Wright

Katherine Wright is a Senior Editor of Physics.

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