Claire Burke on utilizing thermal drone tech to guard orangutans

Astro-ecologist Claire Burke makes use of her astrophysics information to guard endangered species and cease poaching, and she or he loves to look at orangutans in Borneo


26 June 2019

Claire Burke

First up, do you have got a telescope?

I’m extra about turning the telescopes the wrong way up lately: utilizing our information and strategies from astrophysics to assist monitor life down right here on Earth by attaching infrared sensors to drones.

Clarify what you doin one straightforward paragraph.


I’m an astro-ecologist. I exploit drones, thermal infrared cameras, astrophysical understanding and machine studying to assist protect Earth’s biodiversity. In thermal infrared pictures, animals glow on account of their physique warmth, and this glow is similar as that given off by …

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