Did Jeff Bezos Simply Subtly Shade Elon Musk For His Want to Stay on Mars?

Throughout a current discuss, Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founding father of Amazon, expanded on his grand imaginative and prescient of settling house.

However in doing so, he pooh-poohed the purpose of maybe his greatest rival, the SpaceX founder Elon Musk, of settling individuals on Mars.


“We’ve got despatched robotic probes now to each planet on this photo voltaic system, and that is the very best one,” Bezos mentioned of Earth.

“My buddies who need to transfer to Mars? I say do me a favour: Go dwell on the highest of Mount Everest for a yr first and see in the event you prefer it, as a result of it is a backyard paradise in comparison with Mars.”

He made the remarks final month throughout a personal lecture moderated by Jeff Foust, a senior employees author at Area Information.

Within the dialog, Bezos centered totally on the ambitions of his rocket firm, Blue Origin, and his purpose of constructing house a spot the place scores of individuals can dwell and work.

“The photo voltaic system can assist a trillion people,” Bezos mentioned. “Then we might have 1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins. Suppose how unimaginable and dynamic that civilisation can be.”

He acknowledged that that state of affairs is, after all, a good distance off. However he mentioned it is why he based Blue Origin: The corporate’s speedy purpose is to develop reusable rockets, together with a system referred to as New Glenn, to dramatically cut back the price of accessing house.


Such future launch programs may set up a sturdy and comparatively low-cost “transportation community” in Earth orbit, Bezos mentioned.

Bezos thinks that after that is in place, a brand new period of house entrepreneurship will arrive – one thing akin to how the web led to the launch of numerous firms. 

However when Foust requested concerning the steps Bezos thinks are required to populate house with hundreds of thousands of individuals, the billionaire took a jab at his competitors.

Why Bezos thinks individuals who need to settle Mars ought to attempt Everest first

Bezos didn’t title Musk when he talked about selecting Mars. However the two billionaires have a long-running and pretty well-known rivalry. (Musk typically replies to questions on Bezos and Blue Origin with “Jeff who?”)


The viewers Bezos addressed in February – an aviation group referred to as the Wings Membership – almost certainly knew about this simmering competitors, as a result of laughter stuffed the room after Bezos’ vital remarks.

Main as much as the Mars-Everest comparability, Bezos mentioned:

“I already talked a bit bit about unleashing entrepreneurialism in house, and that’s actually vital. When you look even additional past that, or ask an enormous query – ‘Why do we have to go to house? Why do people have to go to house? What’s that each one about?’ – I feel that could be a very helpful query to ponder.


“My reply is a bit totally different from the reply that I feel you hear typically extra generally. One factor I discover very unmotivating is the type of ‘plan B’ argument, the place the Earth will get destroyed, the place you need to be some place else.”

That too alluded to a imaginative and prescient Musk has described: utilizing SpaceX, his rocket firm, to decide on Mars as rapidly as doable, to figuratively “copy” the human race onto a backup drive – simply in case something horrendous befalls our civilisation on Earth.

SpaceX, which declined to touch upon Bezos’ current discuss, can also be working to establishing lower-cost house transportation.

Its Falcon rockets have already disrupted the spaceflight trade, and the corporate is creating a totally reusable car referred to as Starship. Musk’s plan is to ship the primary crewed mission on that system round 2025.

Musk thinks that finally a Starship may ship about 100 individuals and 150 tons of cargo to Mars at a time, serving to to completely and sustainably decide on the pink planet beginning within the 2050s.

However as Bezos identified, Mars wouldn’t be a pleasant place to dwell in any respect. It is also why he referred to as Mount Everest “a backyard paradise” in contrast with the pink planet.


Mars, about 158 million miles from Earth, has an environment roughly 1 % as dense as Earth’s on the floor. That makes the planet a veritable vacuum chamber – spacesuits could be required for any journey outdoors.

On the prime of Mount Everest, air stress is about 33 % of what it’s at sea stage. That is sufficient to get by with no spacesuit, although supplemental oxygen is often required.

It is also far colder on Mars, which has a median world temperature of -81 levels Fahrenheit (-62 levels C).

On the summit of Everest, the common temperature is between zero and -17 levels Fahrenheit (-17 to -27 levels C).

There’s additionally the difficulty of radiation publicity on Mars. If an individual had been to spend a yr on the pink planet’s floor, they’d obtain about 234 millisieverts of radiation publicity, practically 5 instances as excessive as a radiation employee’s annual secure publicity restrict.

Spending a yr on Everest, against this, would ship an additional 6 mSv a yr.

Prolonged radiation publicity brings a danger of most cancers and will additionally result in eye cataracts, nervous-system injury, and issues with consideration and reminiscence.

However Bezos’ and Musk’s visions aren’t so totally different but

Regardless of the friction between Musk’s and Bezos’ visions of humanity’s future in house, their speedy purpose is similar: decide on the floor of the Moon.

“We must always have a base on the Moon, like a completely occupied human base on the Moon, after which ship individuals to Mars,” Musk mentioned after the primary launch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spaceship. “That is what we must always do.”

Bezos mentioned one thing comparable in 2017, based on The Washington Publish: “I feel that in the event you go to the Moon first, and make the Moon your property, then you will get to Mars extra simply.”

However Bezos thinks that after selecting the Moon, it might make extra sense to concentrate on populating the house round Earth. That is safer, he has mentioned, as a result of it is nearer to house if any issues come up.

He additionally envisions vitality technology and heavy trade transferring into house, turning Earth right into a realm of residences, parks, and lightweight trade.

“We need to go to house to guard this planet. That is why the corporate’s named Blue Origin: It is the blue planet that is the place we’re from,” Bezos mentioned.

“However we additionally do not need to face a civilisation of stasis, and that’s the actual concern if we simply keep on this planet. That is the long-term concern.”

He added: “All people on this planet goes to need to be a first-world citizen utilizing first-world quantities of vitality, and the people who find themselves first-world residents right this moment utilizing first-world quantities of vitality? We will need to use much more vitality. A lifetime of stasis could be inhabitants management mixed with vitality rationing … And that to me does not sound like a really thrilling civilisation for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.”

Musk has not denied the dangers of reaching for Mars and has usually remarked on the endeavour’s peril.

“The primary journey to Mars goes to be actually very harmful. The danger of fatality can be excessive. There’s simply no method round it,” Musk mentioned in 2016.

“It might be principally: Are you ready to die? And if that is OK, then you definitely’re a candidate for going.”

However in Musk’s line of considering, such a danger is value it to impress individuals to go away Earth for good.

“I feel it might be probably the most inspiring factor that I can probably think about,” Musk mentioned of a crewed Mars mission. “Life must be extra than simply fixing issues day by day. It’s worthwhile to get up and be excited concerning the future, and be impressed, and need to dwell.”

This text was initially revealed by Enterprise Insider.

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