Europa’s salty floor might point out an ocean that’s good for all times

EuropaEuropa has a salty ocean beneath its floor


Jupiter’s moon Europa is salty. Sodium chloride or desk salt noticed on its floor may imply that its buried ocean has a composition just like Earth’s and is due to this fact good for all times.

We’ve recognized for a very long time that Europa had salts on its floor, however early observations prompt that they had been sulfates, created by way of interactions between sulfuric acid and different compounds.

Samantha Trumbo on the California Institute of Know-how and her colleagues used the Hubble Area Telescope to look at the icy moon’s floor chemistry. They discovered indicators of sodium chloride turning the floor yellow because it was bombarded with radiation from area.


The strongest of those indicators got here from Tara Regio, a “chaos area” considered formed by water sweeping up from the subsurface ocean. That signifies that the salt might be coming from inside Europa, hinting on the ocean’s chemical composition.

“We’ve by no means truly measured an ocean with primarily sulfates for salts,” says Trumbo. “If it’s sodium chloride as an alternative, which means it’s extra like Earth. In the event you licked it, it will most likely style acquainted and salty.”

That’s a very good signal, by way of habitability. Earth’s ocean is the one one within the universe that we all know to be liveable. The subsurface ocean of Saturn’s moon Enceladus has lots of the obligatory elements for all times, reminiscent of advanced natural molecules, can be filled with sodium chloride.

Journal reference: Science Advances, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw7123

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