Examine Out These Unbelievable Photographs of a Large, Rainbow-Colored Squirrel in India

Positive, you would possibly assume your common acorn-chomping gray squirrel is form of cute. However critically, it is by no means going to be large rainbow squirrel from India degree of cute. 

It isn’t simply our opinion both. When novice photographer Kaushik Vijayan posted some pics of Malabar large squirrels (Ratufa indica) on Instagram, they shortly wowed the web. 


Vijayan took these snaps whereas in India’s Pathanamthitta District on the south-western tip of the sub-continent. As soon as he’d uploaded them to his Instagram account, the photographs shortly went viral.

Unbelievable #photos of large multi-coloured squirrels set #social media alight!#Photographer Kaushik Vijayan snapped the animals of their native behavior. The Malabar Large #squirrel – double the dimensions of their gray relations – stay deep within the #forests of #India.

— (@SWNS) April 2, 2019

“I felt so amazed by how drop-dead beautiful it seemed,” Vijayan advised CBS Information.

“It was certainly a jaw-dropping sight to behold.”

No arguments there. Simply look at this floofy face!

giant squirrel insta1(KaushiK Vijayan/Instagram)

The technicolour bundles of pure adorb aren’t in any manner new to zoologists or locals. The truth is, they’ve most likely been on the menu for millennia.

Nonetheless, to most of us the metre-long (about three-foot) rodents appear to be they’ve popped proper out of a Pokémon cartoon, what with their panda-like ears, spherical faces, and alluring purple, indigo, and orange bands of fur.

giant squirrel insta2(KaushiK Vijayan/Instagram)

In nature, not all of them seem as putting as this specimen within the vibrant pictures – hues of beige, tan, rust, and brown are the most typical. However why does India get large squirrels of pleasure, whereas the remainder of the world will get monotones of gray, crimson, and black?

Colourations of this nature are more than likely a approach to confuse predators within the contrasting shades of the cover. It is also potential they might entice a mate’s consideration.  


Fortunate for us, the Malabar large squirrel is now pretty widespread within the forests of the Indian peninsula after being listed as susceptible some twenty years in the past. Hopefully, they will keep that manner for generations to come back.

You’d have to search for although – they’re typically hugging timber excessive up off the bottom to cover from predators. When the squirrels do hit the highway, they like leaping as much as six metres (20 toes) between timber as an alternative of touching the forest ground.

Or, you may simply watch for Vijayan to return to southern India and take some extra snaps.


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