Greatest ever map of Milky Approach reveals our galaxy is warped in an S-shape

3D map of the Milky WayThe Milky Approach isn’t fairly as flat as we thought

J. Skowron / OGLE / Astronomical Observatory, College of Warsaw

Astronomers have offered a twist on how we see our galaxy, the Milky Approach, with a brand new three-dimensional map.

Our galaxy was typically considered a flat disc consisting of some 250 billion stars. However the brand new map suggests the disc isn’t flat however twisted right into a S-shape.

Trying on the distance of a few of the brightest, pulsating stars within the Milky Approach, often known as Cepheids, scientists on the College of Warsaw have been in a position to construct a large-scale mannequin of the galaxy.


“Cepheids are ideally suited to review the Milky Approach construction,” says Dorota Skowron, who led the work. Her crew looked for these stars, which change their brightness in a selected sample, utilizing a telescope in Chile. By observing them, they imaged your complete seen Milky Far more than 100 instances.

The crew say the warping proven within the ensuing map might have been brought on by previous interactions with smaller galaxies throughout the Milky Approach known as satellite tv for pc galaxies, or on account of intergalactic gasoline and darkish matter.

Journal reference: Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.aau3181

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