Learn how to use a BBC micro:bit to make a sound-activated mirror ball

A BBC micro:bit program and a sound sensor will get the social gathering began. Here is how one can make a disco ball that mechanically spins when music performs


19 June 2019

David Inventory for New Scientist/Because of ICL Superior Hackspace

New stuff you want

Steady rotation servo


Sound sensor

micro:bit edge connector (non-obligatory)

Mirror ball

THIS week, it’s time to get down and boogie, as a result of we shall be making an automatic mirror ball. It would require two energy sources, as a result of elements, like every part from evil geniuses to artists, crave energy of various varieties in differing quantities.

Say you may have a motor that wants at the very least 5 volts. The micro:bit board we’ve got been utilizing because the mind …

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