The Lyrid Meteor Bathe Is About to Kick Off, Here is The right way to Watch

As Earth makes its annual passage by way of the tail of comet C/1861 G1, or Thatcher, we’re handled to the spectacular sight of meteors burning up within the environment. That is the Lyrid meteor bathe, and it comes round each April.


This yr, the stunning crew on the Large Magellan Telescope has put collectively a lovely infographic (under) filled with every thing it’s worthwhile to know.

The bathe is because of peak simply earlier than daybreak on April 23, and people within the Northern Hemisphere, as standard for the Lyrids, will get one of the best view, wanting in direction of the constellation Lyra.

Within the Southern Hemisphere, Lyra goes to be a bit nearer to the horizon.

The Lyrids aren’t essentially the most prolific annual meteor bathe (that is the Perseids each August). There was the occasional uncommon bathe with as much as 100 meteors an hour, however often you possibly can anticipate to see round 10-20 meteors an hour throughout their peak.

GMTO LyridsMeteorShower Updated Infographic(GMTO)

Sadly, a waning gibbous Moon will even be within the sky within the pre-dawn hours this yr, which can make the meteor streaks just a little bit tougher to see and photograph, however that should not cease you from getting out and having fun with a spot of stagazing.

When you’re fortunate, you would possibly spot Jupiter, hanging about proper subsequent to the Moon – a superb alternative for an astrophotography photobomb.


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